NoveltyML reference

Getting started with NoveltyML

Introduction to NoveltyML
Introduction to NoveltyML and the basic syntax of the language.

About objects and resources
Learn of the different asset types.

Using NoveltyML Designer
Guide in how to get started using the NoveltyML Designer tool.

Language reference

Resource types
Animation, Audio, Font, Script, Shape, Texture

Object types
Border, Button, Canvas, CanvasSet, Group, Image, ScrollCanvas, Set, Slider, SmartCanvas, SystemText, Text, Video

Object traits
AnimateColor, AnimateOpacity, AnimateRotation, AnimateScale, AnimateTextureX, AnimateTextureY
AnimateX, AnimateY, ConstantRotation, GameStateInfo, GameStateThumbnail, Portrait
ShowDialogue, ShowLog, ShowName, ShowOnAutoPlay, ShowOnSkip, ShowOnWait

Miscellaneous tags
Menu, Prefab

NoveltyML primitive value types, Predefined color names

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