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An image is an object that displays the content of a texture. Images can be static or animated, when associated with an animation resource. By default, an Image object will take the size of its source texture or animation.

Image attributes

Attribute Description
texture [Required] Name of a texture resource
animation Name of an animation resource
animation-speed Animation speed multiplier
mirror Flip image horizontally
flip Flip image vertically
clip Crop source texture
shape Custom shape

Additionally, this asset type inherits all object attributes.

texture [string] (Required)
Name of valid texture resource. Can be set to "null" for a blank (white) texture.

texture = "My texture"

animation [string]
Name of valid animations resource

animation = "My animation"

animation-speed [float]
Animation speed multiplier. 0.5 = half speed. 2 = double speed.

animation-speed = "2.0"

mirror [bool]

Set to true to horizontally reverse texture.

mirror = "true"

flip [bool]

Set to true to vertically reverse texture.

flip = "true"

clip [vector2] [vector4]
Crop the source texture. You may either enter a 2-dimensional value (width, height) or a 4-dimensional value (x, y, width, height).

clip = "64,64"
clip = "0,0,64,64"

shape [string]

Name of a valid shape resource.

shape = "My shape"

Valid child tags

Child tags Description
<Animation> Inline animation
<Traits> Object traits list
<Meta> Meta information
Objects... Other objects

Valid meta class values

Class Description
"actor" Hint to editor that this object is a character/actor.


<Image name="My image" texture="My texture" />

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