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An custom shape resource for creating non-rectangular objects.
A shape is made up of a list of vertices, stitched together to make a polygon shape. You can use any coordinate system as you like since shapes are normalized by the engine to fit the applied object.

Shape attributes

Attribute Description
type Shape type

Additionally, this asset type inherits all resource attributes.

type [string]

Set the shape type. Determines how the vertices are stitched together.
Default value is "strip".

Value Type
"list" Triangle list
"strip" Triangle strip
"fan" Triangle fan

type = "fan"

Valid child tags

Child tags Description
<Point> Vertex point
<Meta> Meta information


Vertex point. If you do not specify texture coordinates (uv) the engine will generate them automatically based on the position coordinates.

Attribute Description Type
coord Position coordinates Vector2
uv Texture coordinates Vector2
mask-uv Mask texture coordinates Vector2

Shape types explained

Below are visual representations for each shape type:

Fig 1a: Fan Fig 1b: Strip Fig 1c: List


<Shape name="My shape" type="fan">
	<Point coord="0,0"/>
	<Point coord="1,1"/>
	<Point coord="2,0"/>

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