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A canvas object.
Draws its children to an internal texture and draws itself as an Image using that texture. Works just as an Image, except it has its own internal texture.

Because canvases render to an internal texture you need to specify a canvas-size. If not then Novelty will use the value of the size-attribute. If both attributes are undefined it will calculate a size based on the contents.

Remarks: The actual dimensions of the internal texture is determined by the graphics hardware so a canvas may render differently on different computers. In any case, Novelty will use the optimal texture resolution and downscale if necessary.

Canvas attributes

Attribute Description
canvas-size Dimensions of the internal texture
mirror Flip image horizontally
flip Flip image vertically
shape Custom shape

Additionally, this asset type inherits all object attributes.

canvas-size [vector2]

Size of canvas (internal texture). By default, the canvas' size is used.
By setting canvas-size to "auto" the canvas-size will be determined by the first child object with a valid size.

canvas-size = "320,240"

mirror [bool]

Set to true to horizontally reverse texture.

mirror = "true"

flip [bool]

Set to true to vertically reverse texture.

flip = "true"

shape [string]

Name of a valid shape resource.

shape = "My shape"

Valid child tags

Child tags Description
<Traits> Object traits list
<Meta> Meta information
Objects... Other objects

Valid meta class values

Class Description
"actor" Hint to editor that this object is a character/actor.


<Canvas name="My canvas" canvas-size="auto" >
	<Image texture="My texture" />
	<Border texture="My other texture" />

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