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A system text object.
Text object that uses a native font (rather than a bitmap font).

Attribute Description Type
font [Required] Font name ("Arial") String
animation Animation mode Integer
speed Animation speed Float
text Text content String
fit Constrain text within size boundary Boolean
align-x Horizontal alignment ("left", "center", "top") String
align-y Vertical alignment ("top", "center", "bottom") String

Remarks: The font size is determined by scale (48pt * scale). Additionally, rotation is unavailable for this object type.

Animation mode Description
0 None
1 Typewriter

Inherited from Object

Attribute Description Type
name [Required] Unique name for this object String
position Position ("x,y") Vector2
pivot Pivot point ("x,y") Vector2
scale Scale multiplier Float
size Size ("width, height") Vector2
visible Visibility Boolean
rgb Color ("red, green, blue") Vector3
opacity Opacity Float
blending Blending mode String
parent-size Automatic sizing based on parent's size ("width%, height%") Vector2
parent-position Automatic position based on parent's size ("x%, y%") Vector2
pixelated Disable linear interpolation of texture Boolean

Remarks: parent-position and parent-size overrides position and size respectively.

Child tags Description
<Traits> Object traits list
<Meta> Meta information
<Object> Other objects


<SystemText name="My text" font="Courier New" />

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