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About objects and resources

In NoveltyML there are two types of assets: resources and objects.

When you build a stand-alone game in Novelty, it will gather up all the resources that is used by your game and compile them into a single file.

Loading resources in NoveltyML

It's very easy to load a resource in NoveltyML. You only need to point to the source file and more importantly give the resource a name. By giving the resource a unique name you make it available for other assets to use.

Note: Any resource file must be within, or in a subdirectory of Novelty's Asset folder. (Novelty\Assets\...)

Fig 1: Loading a texture and naming it 'My texture'

Once a resouce has been loaded it can be used by other objects. In the following piece of NoveltyML we will create an image object and tell it to use the texture we just loaded.

Fig 2: Creating an image by using a texture.

Image objects can load more than texture resources. If you're creating an animated image you need to load an animation resource as well.

Fig 3: Creating an animated image by using a texture and an animation resource.

Textures and Images

If a Texture really is an image then what's an Image? In Novelty they're two completely different things. To put it simply: A Texture is a resource while an Image is an object that displays a texture.

Hint: When you double-click a texture asset in Novelty it will generate an image object that uses that texture.

List of resource types

List of object types

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