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This is a reference of the common attributes and features for all resource-type assets.

Resource types

Type Description
<Animation> Animation resource
<Audio> Audio resource
<Font> Bitmap font resource
<Script> Script resource
<Shape> Shape resource
<Texture> Texture resource

Common resource attributes

Attribute Description
name Unique resource name [Required]
filter Custom filter
hidden Don't show in asset browser.
version Version number

name [string] (Required)

Sets a unique name for this resource.

name = "My resource"

filter [string]

Sets a custom filter for this resource. Filters are used by the Asset browser to organize assets into folders.
You can make sub-filters using backslash-separators (\)

filter = "Vocals\Female"

hidden [boolean]

Set to true if you don't want this resource to show up in the Asset browser.
Default value is false.

hidden = "true"

version [float]

Any asset with the same name but lower version number will be overridden.
Default value is 0.

version = "2.1"

Valid child tags

Tag Description
<Meta> Asset meta information


Specifies information about this asset; author, thumbnail and a comment.
Thumbnail size should be 96x96 pixels.

Attribute Description Type
author Author/creator of this asset String
class Asset class String
comment Custom comment String
thumbnail Filename of thumbnail image String

Remarks: Recommended thumbnails size is 96x96 pixels.

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