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Traits lets you customize how an object behaves. Traits are simply a way for you to tell the Novelty game engine how an object should be treated or behave.

Multiple traits can be added to the same object, but no more than one of each trait type.

List of trait types

Type Description
<AnimateColor> Animate object's color
<AnimateOpacity> Animate object's opacity
<AnimateRotation> Animate object's rotation
<AnimateScale> Animate object's scale
<AnimateTextureX> Animate object's horizontal texture coordinates (u)
<AnimateTextureY> Animate object's vertical texture coordinates (v)
<AnimateX> Animate object's horizontal position (x)
<AnimateY> Animate object's vertical position (y)
<ConstantRotation> Constantly rotate object
<GameStateInfo> Display game state information (Text only)
<GameStateThumbnail> Display a game state thumbnail (Image only)
<Portrait> Specify this object as a portrait (Set only)
<ShowDialogue> Display dialogue text (Text only)
<ShowLog> Display a story log (Text only)
<ShowName> Display name (Text only)
<ShowOnAutoPlay> Only show object when autoplay has been engaged
<ShowOnSkip> Only show object when player is pressing the skip button
<ShowOnWait> Only show object when waiting


<Image name="My image" texture="My texture">
    <!-- Traits goes here -->

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