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Object reference

This is a reference of the common attributes and features for all object-type assets.

Object asset types

Type Description
<Border> Border object.
<Button> Button object.
<Canvas> Canvas object.
<CanvasSet> Image set object. Draws as a Canvas.
<Gradient> Gradient object.
<Group> Group object.
<Image> Image object.
<Set> Image set object. Draws as a Frame.
<Slider> Slider object.
<SmartCanvas> Smart canvas object.
<SystemText> Text object. (Native fonts)
<Text> Text object. (Bitmap fonts)
<Video> Video object.

Object attributes

Attribute Description
blending Blending mode
color Color
filter Filter name
name Unique asset name [Required]
opacity Opacity
pivot Local pivot point
pixelated Disable linear interpolation of texture
position Position
rotation Rotation
scale Scale
size Size
visible Visibility
version Version number

blending [string]

Sets the object blending mode; how it should be rendered.
Default value: normal

Blending modes Description
normal Regular alpha blending
add Additive blending
multiply Multiply

blending = "add"

color [color]

Sets the object color.
The color value can be expressed in several different ways. (See details)
Default value: white

color = "Green"

filter [string]

Sets a custom filter for this object. Filters are used in the editor to organize assets into folders.
You can create subfilters by using the "\" separator.

filter = "My characters\Women"

name [string] (Required)

Sets a unique name for this object.
Naming children of named objects is optional.

name = "My object"

opacity [float]

Sets the opacity of this object [0..1]
Setting this will override any opacity defined with the color attribute.

opacity = "0.5"

pivot [vector2]

Sets the pivot point for this object
Use percentages to calculate a pivot point based on the object's current size.

pivot = "100,150"
pivot = "50%,25%"

pixelated [boolean]

Set to true to disable linear interpolation for this object.

pixelated = "true"

position [vector2]

Sets the default position for this object
Use percentages to calculate the position based on the parent object's current size.

position = "0,200"
position = "50%,50%"

rotation [float]

Sets the default rotation for this object (in radians)
Use the "d" suffix for entering angles in degrees rather than radians.

rotation = "3.14"
rotation = "180d"

scale [float]

Sets the default scaling factor for this object

scale = "1.5"

size [vector2]

Sets the default size dimensions (width, height) for this object
Use percentages to calculate the size point based on the parent object's current size.

size = "320,240"
size = "50%,25%"

visible [boolean]

Set to false to hide the object.

visible = "320,240"

version [float]

Any asset with the same name but lower version number will be overridden.
Default value is 0.

version = "2.1"

Valid child tags

Tag Description
<Traits> Object traits list
<Meta> Meta information
Objects... Other object(s)


Specifies information about this asset; author, thumbnail and a comment.
Recommended thumbnail size is 96x96 pixels.

Attribute Description Type
author Author/creator of this asset String
class Asset class String
comment Custom comment String
thumbnail Filename of thumbnail image String

<Meta thumbnail="Assets/Textures/Thumbnail.png"/>

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