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An object that displays the content of a video channel.

You do not load video files in the same way you would a Texture for an Image. Videos are loaded by the content user later in Novelty; via an action or a script. The video will play in one of three channels. This means you can have up to three videos playing simultaneously and you can have as many Video objects on screen at one time as you want.

Video attributes

Attribute Description
channel [Required] Channel number
mirror Flip image horizontally
flip Flip image vertically
shape Custom shape

Additionally, this asset type inherits all object attributes.

channel [integer] (Required)

Video channel number.
Accepted values are "1", "2" or "3".

channel = "1"

mirror [bool]

Set to true to horizontally reverse texture.

mirror = "true"

flip [bool]

Set to true to vertically reverse texture.

flip = "true"

shape [string]

Name of a valid shape resource.

shape = "My shape"

Valid child tags

Child tags Description
<Traits> Object traits list
<Meta> Meta information
Objects... Other objects


<Video name="My video" channel="1" />

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