Novelty scripting reference


AngelScript language reference
A copy of the official language specification of Angelscript. A good place to start.

How to use the scripting reference
A quide for beginners on how to read and use the scripting reference.

Writing scripted events
Learn how you can customize and control objects with scripted events.

Global and internal variables
How to store global and internal (object-specific) variables.

Scripting reference

Added keywords
$-operator (Game variables), as, event, foreach

Global functions, Math functions, Debugging functions

array<T>, BlendingMode, Button, Camera, Chapter, Color, Image, KeyCode, Mask, MouseButton
Novel, Object, Page, Scene, SceneLayer, ScreenPage, ScrollCanvas, Set, Settings, Slider, Text, Variant
Vector2, Vector3, Vector4, Video, UID

Scripted events
OnCreate, OnDestroy, OnEnter, OnExit, OnHide, OnInit, OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp, OnMouseClick
OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave, OnMouseMove, OnMouseRelease, OnMouseWheel, OnParagraph
OnShow, OnUpdate

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