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Script representation of a chapter.
Chapter is a reference type. This means it has no constructor and can only be passed around by handle (Chapter@).


const string name
The chapter's name.

void EnumeratePages(array<Page@> &inout pageArray) const
Populates the array with handles to all pages in the chapter.

uint GetPageCount() const
Returns the number of pages in the chapter.

Page@ GetPage(uint index) const
Page@ GetPage(const string &in name) const
Returns a handle to a page by order index or name; or null.

uint GetPageOrder(Page@) const
Returns the order index of a page; or INVALID_INDEX on failure.

Page@ GetPageBefore(Page@) const
Returns a handle to the page before a page; or null.

Page@ GetPageAfter(Page@) const
Returns a handle to the page following a page; or null.

string AsString() const
Returns a string describing the chapter.

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