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A Canvas object will render its content onto an internal texture and display it like an Image. This is necessary when you want to compose multiple objects but still be able to set a custom color, blending or opacity.

Novelty will defer the size of this texture based on the contents of the Canvas if one hasn't been set.

See also: SmartCanvas

Fig: A Canvas object with tiled content and a custom shape


Example use cases:


The size of the internal texture is fixed. You can specify the size in NoveltyML or leave it blank to let Novelty calculate the size.

The actual size of the internal texture is determined by the graphics hardware.

On some hardware this textures will get resized to increments of powers of two (256, 512, ...). This will create blank areas that only appears when the Canvas is tiled.

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Sample NoveltyML

<Canvas name="My canvas" >
	<Image texture="My texture" />
	<Border texture="My other texture" />

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