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Save and load

Postby arting_18 » Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:28 pm

Can somebody tell me or give me link about how to use the save button to max?
Ex: I add a sample button ( how do I change/add how the sample buttons look?:| ) and give them the function of "when clicked" save game slot 1

So how do I do to create different tab ( tab 1 save slot 1-10 , tab 2 save slot 11-20 etc ) do I create a new page for them or how?
How can I make when I click on one of the button to make a window appear that makes me write the saves name (and show the data and hover when it is save too ) with the save (load for when I load the save ) , edit and cancel options
How can I do this?:
I wish to save a moment , moment T , I click on the quick save button and moment T becomes quick save 1,
After moment T has past , and it is now moment F , I click on quick save button again ( the same button ) , now how can I program that moment T to become quick save 2 ?
quick save 1 save moment T:quick save 1: moment T ;save moment F:quick save 1: moment F
quick save 2 quick save 2 quick save 2: moment T
quick save 3 quick save 3 quick save 3

How can I do auto saves ?ex: enter chapter 4 and the it will be saved

English is not my native language so say if you have not understood something
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