Exporting Novels

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Exporting Novels

Postby gamesmaster_kya » Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:24 am

How do I export a novel so that it can be uploaded and played? Like, I know how to open it, but when I bring the exported file to a friend's house it won't play!
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Re: Exporting Novels

Postby fleet » Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:07 pm

Hello. Here are the steps to export your VN as a stand alone.

1. Click on the word FILE on the command line
2 Inthe drop down menu, click on the word EXPORT. A new menu will appear on the side.
3. In the side menu, click on Stand alone game. A mini-Window will appear.
4. In the mini window, select the Options tab, and choose both Compile content and Copy video files.
5. Next click on the Export tab (NOT the export button at the bottom), then Change the output path to a place you can easily find (I usually create a new folder for each visual novel).
6. After doing this, click on the Export button at the bottom of the mini-window.
7. Navigate to the folder where you exported the stand alone game. You should see several files there, an nvz file, an exe file and the fmodex.dll file.
8. Use 7 zip, winzip, winrar, or your favorite file compression program to compress all the exported files into one compressed file.

Copy the compressed file onto a USB drive and take it to your friend's house.
Copy the compressed file onto your friend's computer.
Use 7 zip, winzip, winrar, or your favorite file compression program to open the compressed file.
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