DIMS is Seeking Art Team

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DIMS is Seeking Art Team

Postby DIMSJosh » Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:20 am


I am Joshua Hina the Chief Management Officer of Delta Internet and Media Services LLC; or shorthand DIMS. We are a consulting and management company that operates a few online game servers, role playing forums, a website hosting group and an anime streaming site. We are working to expand into game creation and development as well as videos. Why I am here is because our Director of Projects found Novelty… I am quite impressed to find something like this and by the fact that it actually is free. I have done a bit of wondering around in it and it is very simple to use. A few of the stories we have written I plan on turning into visual novels. Seeing this project actually makes me believe that this would be more than just a dream now and I am amazed that more people have not found this program. With that being said we are in need of an Art Director and possibly some Art and Media Contractors to assist us with character designs, background designs and gradient/in between designs (lines, menus, ect). The contractors would be paid based on terms they discuss with us and after work is completed. The Art Director would be paid a quarterly salary in addition to any commissions. Though we would require all parties to sign an NDA and Contractor Agreement; in this agreement any work done for us by you would become our property. We are willing to negotiate terms and discuss more about our writing projects with any interested people. Oh and a final note; all applicants must be 18 years of age or older… Beyond that I will leave my contact information below and links to a few of the scattered wikis we have running around for our projects.

Contact info:

E-Mail: jhina (at) deltaims (dot) net
Phone: 1 888 401 0189 x 4
Website: deltaims.net
Wikis: tnu.wikia.com (TNU, TTS, Kiru-Acu and Atsikai) vomofficial.wikia.com (Visions of Madness)
Forums: forums.deltaims.net (You might need to register to see some of the forums; others also require special access; email me if you need any special rights)

Thanks for your interest and for letting your creative juices flow :3!

Joshua Hina
Delta Internet and Media Services LLC.
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