Artist wanted in Tsuki no Sengoku (or the Tsuki series)

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Artist wanted in Tsuki no Sengoku (or the Tsuki series)

Postby elhlyn » Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:10 pm

well I need artist for basically everything for my Visual novel. I can't draw (the closest thing I do that remotely involves art is Base drawing; or adding details to remade bodies with faces)

The story itself takes place in a fantasy like Feudal Japan with powerful families fighting over control of Japan. Why fantasy? because I added Oni (ogres) Kitsune (fox eared people) Neko (cat eared people) and such. I added famous historical figures (mainly warlords) such as Oda nobunaga; a clever commander who speaks freely (and ends up pissing off a lot of people) and to Date Masumune; a fearful, powerful warlord who cares for his sister ( like a father... an over protective daughter that brings out his shotgun when his daughter's date comes to pick his daughter up o_O). the story does have a lot of romance and such.

I need 3 kinds of artist (there are a lot of characters in the game so taking 2 spots would give you too much work)
a character artist
a scene artist
and a background artist.

okay well if you can't draw (like me) but are interested in the story, like the facebook page and well comment on it (or here. whichever suits you best) the more the better.

well there's not much to explain but word of advice I you want to help out; get use to drawing Samurais and kimonos (takes place in the feudal Era of Japan) (facebook page for this game)

Note everything that I will put in and out of this game will be free; the program Novelty is free (as far as I'm aware >.>) the music I'll get is free, and hopefully (looks at you, the artist) would help draw some characters for free ^W^.
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Re: Artist wanted in Tsuki no Sengoku (or the Tsuki series)

Postby fleet » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:41 am

You might get more responses if you say how many drawings (actual number) you'll need.
Why? I like big ones, that's why.
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