Ring of a Rose :Can people do a few lines for me?

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Ring of a Rose :Can people do a few lines for me?

Postby Ants64 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:16 pm

Hello there everyone, I need a few lines to sound unclear, or scared
As i am making new new visual novel (delays on my first one as Art work is still being made)
PM if you wish to help, and i may Use, edit and add to the game
The lines will be short as it is not a live game with live movies, only background static
*Error backstory unit destroyed:C\ Running safety .EXE...
Error .EXE is missing*
"...ummm...haha...we have a problem, hold on ...."*White static cuts in*

(Try this line, as the computer= *___* , or the worker = "____")
Computer can be a male or female voice
but the first worker I would prefer to be male
Later on will need more voice acting

P.S: Not reveling any backstory to anyone, unless they need to know :lol: but people who help will learn about the game in deeper depth ,whether it is making props for the game or voices, or animations and movies, Art work or music (I have most covered but if your free and wish of it)
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Re: Ring of a Rose :Can people do a few lines for me?

Postby brighteyes » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:35 pm

I'd like some more info on this, should I PM you or post here?
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