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Postby Alhanalem » Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:56 am

So I was thinking....make a game on your own isn't an easy thing, everyone knows...
So....I thought, then why not make a team? It'd be way easier...
So that's what this topic is about, recruiting team members to develop novels.
So I'd like that interested people post the name (nickname), abilities (drawing, creativity...), disponibility and MSN or e-meil for contact, either here or by PM if you so prefer. I don't have a specific idea in mind, but what is a team for if not to give ideas and develop them?
So.....I said so many so's xD, anyway, since you people are posting (I hope) your abilities and such things it's only fair I did the same goes!

Name: Al, pleased to meet you.
Skills: Somewhat of a digital artist, kinda creative, resourceful, knows html...
Disponibility: ...quite harsh, but mostly on weekends.

PS: Also, I'll use this as my intro topic, so....nice to meet y'all!
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