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Postby Avaible » Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:02 pm

Everyday I do something for my vn-in-work. Today I planned to make the options-screen, and as I was thinking of how I could arrange all the options one usually has in that one screen to make it look good, it occured to me: What does Novelty even allow the player to change?

I thought a good while about it, taking into account what you would usually expect:
- Sound volume has to be changeable > check
- decide what the right-mouse click does > possible with a little script, so check
- decide Auto mode message speed ... uhm ... how?
- decide message speed in general ... uhm ... eh ... no?
- Text box transparency! Yay, possible with a little script, so check
- Fullscreen mode, as in, click on a button inside the screen, not the default of the Novelty frame, ... not possible?
. Preserve message skip after choices? ... eh ...

And so on, I think you get my point ;)

Of course this is no criticism or anything against Novelty, don't take this the wrong way, but just something I stumbled over. I mean, is there a reason for those things to not to be possible?
Well, I guess it's nice on occasion to have an options screen with only sound managing and text box transparency, but somehow ... it just feels like somethings missing, and hey, somehow I have to fill the empty space :P

So, either I'm too blind to see how all of this is done or there are still many things on the to do list for future updates/versions of Novelty.
And, while I'm at it, it's not, by any chance, possible to activate auto-play and skip by using a button ...? No?
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