Novelty Beta release notes

In July 2007 the first (alpha) version of Novelty was released. Since then it has been greatly improved with more features and better stability. Regardless it is still very much a work in progress and bugs or even crashes may occur.

If you are a new user it is highly recommended that you begin by taking a brief look at the documentation. It has articles and tutorials that will get you started. There is also the help page which has a FAQ and video tutorials.

Novelty is updated on an irregular basis. Newer versions brings bug fixes and feature additions and it's recommended that you check now and then if updates have been made available. The easiest way to do this is from within Novelty itself. You'll find that feature in the Help-menu.

Coming from another engine?

If you have previous experience with other visual novel engines (such as RenPy) you will probably find Novelty very different. That's because it is very different. The documentation has information on the key differences between Novelty and other engines.

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