[WIP] EverCross (Forever Crossover) (Recruiting)

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[WIP] EverCross (Forever Crossover) (Recruiting)

Postby Brad_ios » Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:49 pm

Title: EverCross (Forever Crossover)

Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance.


Bradios is a Time Traveler from centuries in the past. And he's been told of a prophecy about several warrior's from various time period's to band together to destroy a evil force and save the mulitverse's. Now, he and a group of people must now prepare as all of there strength's and weaknesses will be discovered, Secrets uncovered and mysteries that will take them to the edge of time itself to end a possibly unstoppable evil.

Main Characters:


Bradios (Age: 1,000)

Crossover Character's:

Series: Ever17

Takeshi Kuranari (Age: 20)

Hokuto (Age: 16)

Sara Matsunaga (Age: 16)

Yuriseiakikana "You" Tanaka (Age: 17)

Tsugumi Komachi (Age: 41?)

Coco Yagami (Age: 14)

Sora Akanegasaki (Age: None, but looks in mid thirties)

Series: Land Before Time

Littlefoot (Age: 13)

Cera (Age: 13)

Petrie (Age: 13)

Spike (Age: 12)

Ducky (Age: 13)

More Announced As Development continues


Shadios - Creator, Voice Actor: Bradios, Hokuto, Littlefoot. Script Writer


Voice Actor's - Most Likely people who have played Ever17 or anything regarding the series/character list's. Just drop me a line and I'll give you a list of characters

Sprite Maker's - Since i'm currently using ripped sprites for Ever17 (which i WILL use for the game) and sprites made from a online character maker. I would love it if anybody could make REAL sprites from the one's i've made so far.
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Re: [WIP] EverCross (Forever Crossover) (Recruiting)

Postby kazmiz » Sat May 15, 2010 12:32 am

this sounds interesting.
any more infno regarding the plot? (if possible?)
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