Retelling of a Story: Cinderella

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Retelling of a Story: Cinderella

Postby GeeImATree » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:55 pm

Hey guys. I'm Gee and I want to present to you guys my very first official game.
First of all, I've never never used this program and so it's not perfect. Plus all the characters were drawn by myself and so I know they're not the best of drawings. Also I did use certain characters from different games and anime as a outline. Backgrounds were taken from the internet and photoshopped and I do not own any of the background pictures. I know this practice is wrong but this was originally just a project and I didn't feel like searching for more pictures. Songs were taken from Dan-O from and from one song from origen. So yeah, if you find anything that you believe belongs to you and that I've stolen it from you, if you can prove it to me that it's yours then I can take the game down. Otherwise, the game stays. All in all, it's a simple game with only a few choices and it'll only take a couple hours to finish. I hope you guys enjoy it and tell me what you think.

Download Link:

Story summary:
Your uncle has built a machine to enter fairy tales but he needs your help to make it possible. Upon entering the machine, you enter the world of Cinderella but the problem is, you're the prince and the royal ball is taking place in a week. Now you have to learn to become prince charming and make it in time to sweep Cinderella off her feet.

There are 3 possible endings plus 1 bad ending I guess.

Extra Details
The game took me all summer to build since I drew my own characters and had to learn novelty from scratch
I included a Direct X setup just in case you don't have it already.
This game is not for commercial sale and is strictly a free project.
Sadly enough, it's a non-hentai game so.... :(
If you like the game then tell me what you think
If you want to contact me then my email is :
I also have plans for a new game and if you're interested in helping then feel free to leave a message.

Known Issues:
When loading, the background turns black.
No skip button, hold ctrl or space to skip
When ending the game, it'll close but it'll give a stop responding message.
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Re: Retelling of a Story: Cinderella

Postby LibraSweets » Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:06 pm

I've been playing this game here and there and so far I enjoy it! The characters are amusing (esp. Eve) and I like the changing backgrounds and music; it doesn't get dull.
The only real downside is not having a 'load' button in the main menu, but that's pretty minor because one can just load from the dialogue box ~
However, I haven't finished so I'll keep playing :3
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