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About text boxes

Postby Eikal » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:27 am

Sorry if I this question is answered but I didn't see it.

I want to make a custom text box, okay? But I only know how to put the save and load button. I don't have idea how to do a buttom to close the text box, cause maybe the player want to see the CG for a while XD And I don't know how to put a buttom to go back ONE paragraph on the dialogue, justo one. I only can put it to go at the last page. Is it posible?
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Re: About text boxes

Postby 8oni » Fri May 24, 2013 7:10 pm

[Replying 0 reply thread, here we go again~~]
I will use example from this thread : viewtopic.php?f=11&t=26&p=711 to make the custom text box. I'm sure that OP wants to make full customized text box but I will only use the text box and use the already there button. So it will looks like this.
I use the green one
First, custom text box. Before I tell you how to do it I will just say this is my own way, so if there is anyone who knows how to do it better please comment :)
Novelty already have project template that have 'close' script on it so I will use it. So the first step is to make a new project using project template.
Import the image that you want to use as text box in Novelty via File->Import Assets->Images. Then put those image on scene by double click or right click and choose Add to scene. Then click tab Scene on Story Window and put those image above the Sample UI #1 (frame). We want to change those template with the custom text box so just click the eyes to hide it [actually you can delete it if you want to, I just hide it to show you the position on picture] and put the image into the right position. And you got your custom text box.
Second : how to do a button to close the text box
This is why I use project template. If you have the Script editor open you can see that there is a script named Sample UI Scripts. That script is the one who will do the closing all text box so people can see the CG. So just put the button that you made in the same way you put the text box, above the Sample UI #1 (close) [the order of the button close load log isn't really necessary, it's the order of the text box that necessary] -if you don't delete the (close) then hide it- then on its Property Inspector choose Run script when clicked and type 'ToggleTextFrame()'. Test it.
Third : how to put a button to go back ONE paragraph on the dialogue, just one
I don't know the answer of this yet, sorry ._.
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