Coatl's VN Project and talk about your Experience!

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Coatl's VN Project and talk about your Experience!

Postby Coatl » Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:16 am

For the past few weeks, some of you here on the forum have seen my thread regarding the character designs for my VN project. As of today, I will start to plan the alpha for this game very soon in order to get input on my first game. I want to advertise this project as of now so that you the viewer are free to spout out advice and as a way for you to talk about your first VN experiences.

Details about the Project
Name: I still haven't decided the name yet, I'm thinking if I don't come up with one by the time the Alpha is out, I'll ask for opinions or maybe vote between my top 5 favorite titles.

The Art: I'm a little concern with how people will react to this but by choice I decided to make it cartoon style. Many have told me this but my art looks a lot like Brian O'Malley's just with more realism, here's a preview of my style.Image As of now I just finished inking two of the important characters. I have to say I'm not totally happy that I was kinda forced to go to digital inks because I work a lot better with traditional pens but in order to keep consistency, I needed to work digitally. Colors will be rather unique because I still color the way I would in my other styles but this time it will be simpler.

Music: I recently got introduced to VNs and over the course of the year, I've played a lot of free VNs that carry rather generic sounding music. Sometimes it gets boring... so I decided that I was going to pick royalty-free music from some of the links given here, but I chose music that can give off energy. What I mean by that is that during a scene when you come across the music that is meant to go with the bg, not only will you have a good idea of how the mood feels, but when you listen to the music closely, whatever you feel listening to it is related to the character. Also seeing as this is a free VN I want to added three real tracks on to it. two are instrumentals that are purposely created for creative freedom, and one is a full song that represents the main character during the course of the scenarios.

The Story: basically, you play as Enilio, the 18 year old college student who illegally enter a bar in order to meet firends... but you're in wrong bar. You don't have your cell with you so you can't really ask where the right bar is at, but you meet this pretty yet shy women. Little did you know, she's a whole lot of trouble.....

So tell me you opinions and i'd like to know from your experiences playing or creating content for VNs.
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Re: Coatl's VN Project and talk about your Experience!

Postby 8oni » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:53 am

My first vn [Midnight Encounter] that I made isn't easy for me. I need a months to make the story, but I make the vn rather fast lol because I was such a beginner at that time. I didn't think to change the default project template etc I just make it simple.

If I ever have motivation I might remake that one. But I don't know, I have the will, I just don't have enough time to do that I guess.
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