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Artist needed - minimal work, small project not wide release

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:52 pm
by Akila
As the title says, I'm making a free but lengthy visual novel (though using the Ren'py engine instead) for a friend who keeps coming in and out of hospital but lives in another country, for this reason, I feel a visual novel would be a nice way of knowing they're always cared for and thought about and can be played in the absence of me.
I need an artist who is able to draw characters with varying facial expressions - there's only two characters, myself, and a person who I want to be drawn in an "anime" style - if I provide suitable pictures. I have most of my backgrounds, sounds and music and the introduction coded up, I just need the art.

2 characters, drawn to my specifications, and one "monster" type (with no facial expressions of which to redraw) so it's not a lot of work, and unfortunately I can't pay, as it's
just for somebody who's having a really bad time of it :( - you will be credited regardless.

If you're interested, PM me and we'll correspond, I want to finish this project for Christmas, so they have something nice to play when they're out of hospital again, so speedy responses are valued.

- Akila.