(Not title yet) (GxB Romace, historical, Comedy?)

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(Not title yet) (GxB Romace, historical, Comedy?)

Postby silver_moonrise » Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:45 pm

Hello everybody,

i present you my very first visuel novel idea. Actually it is a story i'm writing right now. :)
constructive critism wanted and maybe some ideas for the title :D

Emily is a normal peasant girl, who lives in the historic germany. It isn't really easy to live by alone in the 19. century and that alone by herself. One night changes everything, when she watches a thief robbing someones house. To keep her quiet the thief makes a pakt with her. He plans a robbery in the royal castle and needs her help. He promises if she helps him, she gets the half of the loot.

And this where the story really starts. You get 3 chossable boys. One of them is a royal guard, who is Emilys childhood friend, a courtier, who suspects that something is going on and the thief himself, who has a dark secret to hide.
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Re: (Not title yet) (GxB Romace, historical, Comedy?)

Postby fleet » Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:08 am

Hello. Welcome to the Novelty forums. Your story idea is okay, and the artwork looks good.
It appears to me that English is not your native language. Please accept my apologies if I am incorrect. Having said that I think you should strongly consider getting a proofreader who is a native English speaker to work with you on grammar, spelling, and to look for typographical errors.

Possible titles:
Emily's Dilemma
The Thief and the Peasant
The Castle Robbery Caper

I hope you enjoy writing your visual novel.
If you are using Visual Novelty, feel free to post questions here about using the program.
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Re: (Not title yet) (GxB Romace, historical, Comedy?)

Postby 8oni » Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:45 am

Hi and welcome to forum! :D

I love this idea, the game sounds interesting. Can't wait to play it! Good luck with the vn! And as fleet says, feel free to ask if you got any problems with Novelty :D
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