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Tekken 6

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 2:53 pm
by ErikB
Tekken 6 arrived in my mail today. Did anyone get it yet?

I've been a Tekken fan since 3 but I have to admit Street fighter 4 has completely spoiled me.
The graphics look good but pales in comparison to SF4's impeccable visuals. It's actually quite hard to get excited over that side of Tekken. It comes down to the fighting and Tekken is all about blocking and juggling where SF4 is about opportunity attacks. Don't know for sure which is better. They're just different I suppose.

Still, Tekken is Tekken is Tekken and I do like Tekken.

I've only played Asuka so far (she's my main girl) and she seems to be quite the same, with a few minor tweaks. She still got her very exploitable combo from T5, which I like, but for some reason they failed to make her as cute as she was in 5 and that's a bummer.