A writer's art (Artist request)

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A writer's art (Artist request)

Postby CeresBane » Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:36 am

Just a small showcase of my best work. My ability in art only goes up to this point. I can't really colour, tone or even draw in any different angles or even proper expressions. And my full body anatomy is atrocious.




I'm looking for an artist that has a similar art style. In terms of anatomy I would much prefer something along the lines of shana no shakugan as there will be many young looking characters with a few lolita and shota builds. But there will be fully grown characters appearing too.

The project I am working on is called

La petit mort (french for the little death-commonly associated for beng an idiom for orgasm)-originall intended to call it Kamikai meaning God's wasteland using the using a mi for mikai (wasteland) instead of the mi for god.

In this case however it is not a hentai game (though if there were requests for it I would create a rerelease with h-class material). In fact this series has references from classic harem paradigms in a school setting but (as you might expect) with a twist.

Basic concept: A long time ago all of the earth was filled with legends of artifacts of power. From the holy grail to the sword of justice in the west to the demon blade muramasa and the scrolls of abeno seimei to the east. But suddenly during the "age of enlightening" (after the crusades) all of the legends simply died out. There were no more miraculous chalices, great swords of power and grimoires of omniscient knowledge. They just vanished.

The common belief was that it was all non-sense. Just mythologies and stage coincidences that weaved into legend through chinese whispers. But Many treasure hunters believed otherwise and hunted for these items. Many adventurers failed and wasted away their lives in a futile search but other succeeded and slowly the knowledge spread with each new generation coming closer and closer. Until eventually in a secret world of hunters, it is common knowledge that all that they seek is within the land god forbade all of man. The garden of eden within a secret treasury guarded by a demon of godlike power.

basic knowledge: eistein's law of relativity taught more than tell us how to split the atom. with the fusion of the half truths of religion and the principle of e=mc2. Magic was rediscovered, not as some hocus pocus but as a sort of psychological-physical science.

to enter the garden you are required to be freshman high school age (hey japan can get away with it, so can I with this contrived plot device) and are trapped for three years until they can exit. On the fourth year they are forever barred from ever leaving by the barrier that decides all this. Within the garden, the fruit of knowledge takes effect and all humans can communicate without language barriers (other theories however include the barrier within acts as a psychic translator).

all sorts of people enter into the garden, martial artists, blade masters, gunslingers, magus (three types are: enchantress (summons spirits to work magic), mage (own natural affinity with the universe to will energy and shape it) and witch-contract with a god/demon requiring alot of ritual incants and gestures to work magic but easily one of the most powerful kind in existance).

factions (only first years): vatican (many minor religious tend to join this side)
lilim (instigators of the vampire legend-only some fool in interpretted their stealing of blood via interbreeding with gods as actual sucking with blood as well as other myths)
witch cult-most if not all magus join this faction
oracles (wanderers that knew they had to be there)

The main characters are the leaders of these factions (when you play you witness their rises to power) all of which have their own (I promise you) very involving stories that intertwine within the master plot.

Many references to all sorts of religious texts (many reworkings and a "factual" account of the lies and truths of them), pop culture (including many anime cliches twisted to something you wouldnt expect), legends (like the leader of the third year is a descendant of genevere and lancelot and wishes to restore albion and create camelot empire) and sciences of existing theories (that are twisted into plausible sci-fi).
La petite mort is northing compared to what I'm feeling right now...
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Re: A writer's art (Artist request)

Postby fleet » Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:24 am

Your drawing is pretty good (I can't draw worth a damn). I wish you luck finding an artist.
Why? I like big ones, that's why.
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