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Re: Artist for HIRE :D

Postby kura-ou » Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:44 am


This is my newest work for 2015. It's taken me about 20+ hrs to complete.

Price range for this type of commission would range from $120-$150--it includes natural scenery of your choice and a full-body CG of the couple (hetero or homosexual).

Payment may be received halfway (you get to see WIPs, but the final version is with held until the rest of the total is paid for) or in full (WIPs => given the ~1500-2000 px in width .png file right after the final version is approved). Please pay the Paypal fee.



Please feel free to ask any questions and thank you for your time :)
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Re: Artist for HIRE :D

Postby 8oni » Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:35 pm

kura-ou wrote:
fleet wrote:Have you posted samples of your work in the Recruitment and Service Offered sub-forum at Lemmasoft?

I've tried there :) but unfortunately, I had a run-in with a commissioner that lied about me stealing money from his friend for an amount that I never received (he avoided naming this person, because she didn't exist). I can understand why he was frustrated, but at the time, he knew that I was a student and told me to "take as long as you need," to complete his sketches. I greatly underestimated my ability to manage time as I took 3 science courses with 3 lab components and it caused me to spiral into depression and somewhat suicidal tendencies, so I avoided the internet for a few weeks, only to find out that he slandered me on LSF. I've tried working things out with him, but at this time, because it's been so long, I'd rather just refund him the full amount despite having some sketches already done...

He claims that he lost over $2k in commission funds from previous artists. So I assume that I was the last straw and he took everything out on me, including forcing me to close my commissions there, possibly changing my password so that I couldn't log in, and slandering me over an imaginary friend's commission. I know that LSF is a great community, but I fear going back to it because of him, especially when he used to be one of the admins.

At this point in time, I just want to focus on finishing old and new commissions to give that man a full refund. I really can't force myself to work with a commissioner like that.

I know that I made mistakes during that time, and I did apologize for them directly to him, but his words made me feel so bad about myself that I can't even finish the rest of his commissions... :(

I apologize for typing such a long explanation, but I just wanted you to know why I can't return to LSF at this moment, even though I do admire a lot of game artists and developers there.

What? 0.0
English isn't my first language so I hope I don't get it wrong but you means he didn't work as the admin anymore there right?
I rarely visit lemma. I just don't see any reason to be active there because well, I prefer this forum I guess >_> [And I am not that active here lol]

I hope you can get a good commission. Wish I can help you, your art is good no awesome but well, I don't use dollar and the currency exchange rate is crazy so... ._.
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